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COMPUTER/LAPTOP REPAIR & SERVICES provided by Surya Technologies @ Your Home & Offices

Onsite COMPUTER/LAPTOP REPAIR & SERVICES provided by Surya Technologies @ Your Home & Offices

We will help you to decide both repair and replacement solutions when you need services Our professional computer service engineers will help with all your day to day Computer/Laptop repair issues like

  • CPU Not switching on
  • Computer won’t display anything on screen
  • Computer booting problem
  • Computer windows errors
  • Slow booting and frequent hanging problem
  • General computer service (cleaning, organizing cables)
  • Computer windows tune-ups
  • Computer Hardware Drivers installations
  • Computer USB ports, not working issues
  • Computer data backup and recovery
  • Virus cleaning and malware removal
  • Home office Networking support
  • Windows upgrades and may more IT repair Services.

We Repair & Service Computer & Laptop Brands Includes: Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony VAIO, ASUS, Gateway, Acer, Samsung, Apple Mac

We can provide data recovery solutions for all types of desktop, laptop, NAS and RAID hard disk drives, whether its failed completely or deleted or formatted accidentally we have a solution for all the data backup and recovery needs.
We have lasted software tools to recover all your important files and folders, Documents, Images, Videos, Accounts data, and Emails, professional data project files from all software file extensions and we can also retrieve the data from virus affected and virus scanned files and folders.
Data recovery from the internal storage of all latest smartphones and tablets and mobile devices. All your personal documents, pictures, and videos will recover from dead mobile devices.
We have a recovery solution to recover the data from Failed, Dead, Broken, encrypted and locked pen drives for all brands.
Laptop internal storage and SSD storage data recovery solutions for not booting, bad sectors and clicking sound storage’s.
External or portable hard drives fail frequently because of accidental drops more chances of damage of internal hard disk head and platter fail and logic board damage. We can give you the solution for both cases to retrieve the data.

Mechanical / Electronic failed Hard disk data recovery Logical / corrupted Media data recovery Re-Install / Overwritten Data recovery Deleted / Corrupted files Data recovery

We Provide Service for Laptop Repair in Vijayawada
  • Laptop start up Booting Problem
  • Laptop Slow booting and lagging
  • Laptop No power on or dead laptops
  • Laptop No display or Improper display repair

Laptop Internal cracking sound or noisy problem repair

Due to the fan failure and heavy dust inside the fan make noise inside the laptop, Regular cleanup and general service can be a solution of preventing noise from laptop We can do general service and maintain ace for the noisy laptop and we can even replace the new fan Laptops Over heating problem repairs
Laptop screen repair & replacement
If you have damaged your screen, cracked it, stepped on it, broke it we can replace it. We can repair all kinds of laptop display issues like Dim display screen, black spots on the screen, horizontal, vertical lines, multi-colored display, and total white display problems We are providing we have a wide range of laptop screen repair replacement solutions for Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, and Apple. We laptop LED, LCD, Touch screens, 10.3 Inches, 11.0 inches, 13 inches, 14.0 inches, 14.1 inches, 15.6 inches, 15.4 inches, 17 inches screens. Most of the screen repair repairs we will complete in just 1 hour of time.
Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • Missing keys on your keyboard? or did you spill some water, coffee on your keyboard?
  • No big deal! have it replaced! any brand any size available with us.
  • Laptop Battery Replacement

Laptop DC Jack Replacement
We can repair and replace all model laptop DC Pin (DC Socket) for all brands
Laptop Motherboard Repair and Replacement
  • We diagnose and rectify all types of Laptop Software and hardware related problems
  • We undertake chip level repairs like the laptop restart problem keyboard control problems, power supply problems, dead laptops, display problems, bios problems, battery section issues, audio problems, D C pin, VGA, USB, LAN and wireless issues, etc.
  • We have Chip-Level Laptop Repair Specialist who can make timely deliveries so that you do not face difficulty due to the lack of your laptop.

Laptop Internal Cleaning and General service
  • Laptop’s overheat because of the dust and derbs inside the laptop. You must make sure your laptop fan is clean and not clogged with dust at any time. We clean your laptop fan or replace it if it has stopped working.
  • Laptop power adapter repair and replacement
  • Laptop OS, windows recovery and factory restore
  • Laptop virus malware clean-ups
  • Laptop Data recovery,Data backup and restore